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Level 2, Self-Healing course

Level 2, Self-healing course takes a deeper look at somatic therapy, trauma and embodied practices.
  • welcome to the course!
  • Create your healing space, Level 2, welcome video
  • IHSAAS_Level2_Welcome to the Course_.pdf
  • Deeper exploration of somatic patterns
  • Live Class 1, Somatic Patterns
  • Somatic Patterns Presentation
  • Somatic Patterns Class Notes
  • Exploring Somatic Patterns Assignment
  • Working with development trauma and the effects of childhood reflexes
  • List of items to bring to Reflexes Class
  • Live Class 2, Development and reflexes
  • Class Notes_Reflexes.pdf
  • Reflexes Assignment
  • Importance of instinctual play
  • Live Class 3, Instinct & Intuition through Play
  • Class Notes, Play
  • A taste of Original Play, video
  • Assignment, Play
  • Noticing intergenerational, cultural and sexual issues
  • Live Class 4, Wider Issues
  • Class notes, Wider Issues
  • Wider Issues Assignment
  • 'What gets stuck where?!' Exploration of healing as a digestive process
  • Live Class, Digestion Process, Physical & Emotional
  • Class Notes, Digestion: Physical & Emotional
  • Digestion: Physical & Emotional, Assignment
  • Brain hemisphere dominance and heart coherence
  • Live Class: Brain Hemispheres & Heart Coherence
  • Class Notes; Brain Hemispheres & Coherence
  • Exploring Sidedness; Assignment
  • Systems theory in nature: a sense of natural being (fitrah)
  • Live Class, Systems in Nature
  • Web of Life, summary of Fritjof Capra
  • Women's self-expression: Rhythm/Voice: Ruqya healing
  • Live Class, Rhythm & Ruqya
  • Resonance in healing presentation
  • Embodied spiritual practice: Salat
  • Live Class, embodied salat
  • Integration Period (for gatherings see Level 1)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever