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BodyMind Practitioner Course

Healing is contagious! After completing the self-healing courses you may feel a call to help others in the same way. The Ihsaas practitioner course is designed for therapists, coaches, facilitators, counsellors, bodyworkers, somatic educators and practitioners of conventional and holistic medicine. Enhance your practice with powerful interventions.
  • Course will be taught through Observation & Participation in Ihsaas sessions
  • Staying present with clients' healing journey
  • Creating Presence
  • Effects of shock, developmental /complex and sexual trauma
  • Spiral / Vortex. Working at T-1
  • Importance of birth and the early years
  • Observing bioenergy patterns and reflexive patterns
  • Facilitating grounding, sense awareness and mindfulness
  • Somatic exercises for emotional and nervous regulation
  • Working with breath and armouring
  • Emerging metaphors and movement with Clean Language
  • Addressing common cultural and intergenerational challenges
  • Developing intuition, compassion and a non-judgemental approach
  • Mirroring: faith and therapeutic perspectives
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Revisiting the self-healing course
  • Developing our Feminine wisdom /decolonised approach
  • Feminine Wisdom, reading list
  • Integrating Somatic with Homeopathy (Genius of Hakim Archuletta)
  • Burnout, Science of Flow States
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever