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Level 1, Self-Healing Course

Level 1 of the self-healing course is a somatic program that aims to open the doors to compassionate and mindful self-awareness.

Learn to come home to your body to find calm in mind, heart and spirit.
  • Welcome to the course!
  • Creating the healing space, Level 1, Video
  • IHSAAS_Level1_Welcome to the Course_.pdf
  • Understanding disconnection and the importance of grounding
  • Class 1, Grounding and disconnection
  • Grounding and Disconnection class notes
  • Grounding Assignment
  • Holistic paradigms of bioenergy
  • Live Class 2, Holistic paradigms of bioenergy
  • Four Elements Presentation
  • Four Elements, Class Notes
  • Four Elements Assignment
  • Rumi and the healing path
  • Live Class 3, Rumi for Healing
  • Guest House, Poem
  • Class Notes, Rumi's Mindfulness
  • Entertaining Inner Guests, Assignment
  • Connecting Unity of Being, Humans as a microcosm & Patterns in Nature
  • Live class 4, Unity of Being
  • Class Notes, Unity of Being, Microcosm & Patterns in Nature
  • Microcosm of a Macrocosm (Cosmic Eye)
  • Islamic Geometrical Art (reflection of patterns in nature)
  • Fractals (Repetitive Patterns in Nature, a model for growth & healing)
  • Patterns in Nature, Assignment
  • Breathwork exercises, States of Expansion & Contraction
  • Live Class, Breathwork
  • Class Notes, Breathwork
  • Breathwork assignment
  • States of anxiety, grief and shock
  • Live class: Anxiety, grief, shock
  • Class Notes, Anxiety, grief, Shock
  • Anxiety, grief, shock, Assignment
  • Reflexive responses ( flight, fight, fawn) and the Vagal complex
  • Live Class, Vagal Nerve Complex
  • Class Notes, Vagal Nerve Complex
  • Vagal Nerve Complex Assignment
  • Heart opening and ego de-armouring exercises
  • Live Class, Heart De-armouring
  • Heart De-armouring, Class Notes
  • Heart De-armouring, Assignment
  • Developing embodiment practices & using Ihsaas
  • Using Ihsaas self-healing
  • Class Notes, Using Ihsaas
  • september catch up: Mindfulness and Breathing exercise, gratitude
  • october catch up: Free writing exercise
  • November closing session: Power of six exercise & certificates
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever